Return on Investment Calculator

The typical office spends a great deal of time on scheduling. See for yourself how many hours, and more importantly how many dollars you can save every year with Scheduler v1.0 by calculating your savings below:

Schedueler v1.0 ROI Calculator
Number of People Scheduling in your Office?
Number of Appointments Per Week?
Number of Instructorappointment?
Multiplied by 30 mins. each
(avg. time to plan, set time, make the reservation & follow up)
x 30 =
x 52 weeks per year divided by 60 mins. per hour
= Hours You're Spending Per Year Now
Scheduler reduces the time it takes to schedule by as much as 90% but we'll just figure on a conservative 50% savings on time.
Hours Saved Per Year with Office Tracker
Average hourly cost of scheduling staff (we're using $8 per hour) Dollars You Can Save Per Year with Scheduler
x $8 = $

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