Return on Investment Calculator

The typical office spends a great deal of time on scheduling. See for yourself how many hours, and more importantly how many dollars you can save every year with Scheduler by calculating your savings below:

Scheduler ROI Calculator
# People Scheduling in your Office?
# Appointments Per Week?
# Instructors Per Appointment?
Multiplied by 30 mins. each
(avg. time to plan, set time, make the reservation & follow up)
x 30 =
x 52 weeks per year divided by 60 mins. per hour
= Hours You're Spending Per Year Now
Scheduler reduces the time it takes to schedule by as much as 90% but we'll just figure on a conservative 50% savings on time.
Hours Saved Per Year with Scheduler
Average hourly cost of scheduling staff (we're using $8 per hour) Dollars You Can Save Per Year with Scheduler
x $8 = $