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Commit To The Safety Of Your Child For Three Weeks With Jungle!


Jungle Survival Drivers Training offers two classes: Segment 1 & Segment 2.
Take a look at what we will do during the two segments under What!

Jungle Cars

Jungle Cars

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Who's at the Jungle?

"I personally believe that the workers and Jungle Trainers make so much of the Jungle experience memorable. Our positive personalities and reinforcing teaching methodology will work with any student."

-Fred Westdale, Jungle Owner/Trainer

Look at our staff in Jungle Trainers and see for yourself our dedication to our students, parents, and life skills.

Entertain yourself with our funny yet intuitive categorization of other drivers in Michigan, and see the cars students will drive in Jungle Terms & Cars!

Why Us

Fred Westdale

Why Choose Jungle?

​It's simple - we train both parents and teens so our students are better able to survive while driving in the asphalt jungle. We have a very unique and effective training experience that, simply stated, saves lives!

Our comprehensive Jungle Way Parent Training is a one of a kind approach to insuring the survival of our young drivers. Please take the time to review the valuable information it contains.

Please Note: If you are unable to print the Jungle Syllabus Notes (due to not having a printer, out of ink, etc.) we are willing to print it for a one time fee of $10.

Why is Jungle Different?

"Jungle Survival Driver's Training is not just a driver's education class - it's an experience. This experience will keep you driving safe for a lifetime. That's why the Jungle is different: driver's education beyond the expectations, an unforgettable experience, and a lasting knowledge of the ways of the road."

Jungle Syllabus

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