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Texas Professional Driver Education Association

It is the mission of the Texas Professional Drivers Education Association to fairly represent and support the teen and adult driving schools of Texas while working with the state and national government to ensure fair and equitable drivers' education laws as well as work with the agency supervising the driving school industry.

Our goal is to write and support the passing of legislation that will improve the drivers' education industry of Texas.  Our goal is to work to educate legislators on bills that are detrimental to both our industry and the population our industry serves.  Our goal is to educate our members in changes of legislation and how to effectively implement those changes.  Our goal is to support Texas driving schools through mentoring and workshops to enhance their development as educational facilities and small businesses.

Message from the president

The TPDEA  is planning an exciting year with adding a second a one day seminar in Fall and our annual Two Day convention in the Spring.. Events we hold are designed keep members up-to-date with the latest products, techniques and ideas which mold our profession. We also keep you in the loop on legislative changes that effect our industry.

There are also many unseen individuals watching the changes being made with by TDLR our state agency as they revamp the rules for  traffic safety education in Texas.

I am proud to of our Association that strives to foster spirit of fellowship and the welcoming all . As your President, I am committed to keeping the dual pathway of professional growth and personal enrichment alive.

I encourage to become both a member at a state and national level, remember there is strength in numbers. Come and spend time with us . When you do join us, please seek me out, as I am looking forward to meeting and talking with you at our next event!

I am honored to have been chosen by my peers to be your President. I will devote all available energy to making this our best years to come. I invite you to participate with me in all things TPDEA. 


Dorothy DeWalt: President

Dina Barboza: Vice President

Cecilia Jackson: Secretary-Treasurer

Margaret Cole: Controller

Debbie Callahan: Continuing Education Chair

Mary Gregory-Fox: South Region Chair

Regional Representatives:

1. Central- Sam Hammon
2. South- Mary Gregory
3. East
4. West
5. North


The greatest benefit of being a member of the TPDEA is networking and learning from a collective group of professionals how to better train your student's and run your business.

Members also save on Continuing Education Seminars and Conferences.

As a member you will get the added benefit of being a member of the Driving School Association of the Americas which allows you to get a national perspective from driving schools Owners and instructors across North America, Canada and UK.

DSAA Membership includes discounts from Car Manufacturers, Merchant Credit Card Suppliers, and Automobile Insurance savings.

The TPDEA welcomes driving school owners and instructors who are looking to improve their training and grow their businesses and education. We invite you to join us today.

TPDEA Benefits

List of benefits to TPDEA for TPDEA Members

  • Professional Development—Seminars and meetings to sharpen your driver education training skills, improve your business knowledge, increase profits, and keep you up-to-date on industry news and issues.
  • Monitoring Legislation—The Association has the ability to monitor legislation and influence public policy affecting our industry.
  • Networking—Networking opportunities to exchange valuable information, learn best practices and new business concepts.
  • A Commitment to Professional Driver Training
  • A CommitQuality Training First
  • Accountability to a Professional Trade Association
  • Knowledge of the latest laws and DMV policies that affect new drivers
  • We work with the DMV to create a safer Texas
  • We continue to raise the standards of driver's education in Texas
  • We are working towards Zero Deaths in Texas


1. Judge Laureo Flores

  • This is an individual who embodies the spirit of volunteerism and strives to build our industry
  • Images of winner Mary Gregory

2. Presidents Award

  • This is an individual who represents and has demonstrated strong leadership
  • Images of winner Patrick Barrette

3. Future Leader

  • This is an individual who is just starting in our industry and shows leadership skills
  • Images of Onesimo Martinez

4. Recognition of Volunteers

  • This is a recognition of those who help in preparation of events
  • Maryann Pena and Vicki Ramirez

5. Reyna and Ernie Awards

  • These are awards given to the Best dressed man and women at our annual state meetings



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