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All our instructors are fully vaccinated against COVID-19

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About SafeStart

Lambton Driving Academy is the perfect option for new drivers in today's world. Lambton Driving Academy is offering the SafeStart driving program, a program which is changing the way beginners are learning to drive. We're proud to offer our students many different teaching tools and techniques as they learn to drive and prepare for their drive tests.

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Lambton Driving Academy

Lambton Driving Academy offers SafeStart lessons with a wide range of dates and times that are designed to accommodate all types of schedules. Lambton Driving Academy features a unique learning environment that other driving schools do not offer. Trust our qualified driving experts to give you the high-quality driver's education that you deserve. Contact us today if you have any more questions and we'd be happy to help!

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Driving Simulator

The driving simulator replicates the driving environment and common road conditions using three monitors, which offer a 180-degree view. The simulation program presents a road-based scenario, such as a snowy road that has patches of ice. Students use the driving simulator's gas pedal, wheel, mirrors and brake to practice safe driving.

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November 2014 Video Here Getting ready for winter driving? DriveWise London's own Denis Raymond speaks with CTV News London about their state-of-the-art driving simulator that prepares students for changing weather conditions in many different types of vehicles.


Had a great experience with Lambton Driving Academy. My son's driving instructor was Jamie and he was great! My son felt very comfortable. Jamie provided a lot of feedback and really boosted his confidence. I felt communication was open and my emails / questions were always answered quickly.
Highly recommend.

-Jody Williamson

I had a pleasant experience here.After failing my G2 drive test twice with classes from a different driving school it became impossible for me to pass my G2 drive test. With just 5 drive classes (10hours) at Lambton driving academy and a very patient instructor I was able to regain my confidence back and I passed my drive test. Sean was very patient and understanding. He prepared me not just for the road test but to be a good driver in Canada. He took me to the 402 even though it's not part of the G2 test and answered all my questions whenever I had any.
I would recommend Lambton driving academy coming from someone who has used a different driving school.

-Rachel Olopade

Definitely made the right choice with this driving school. Wonderful and kind instructors with so much knowledge to share. I learned a lot in the in class instructions that many of my peers didnt learn at other driving schools in our area. The simulator was fun and realistic when it came to actual practice.
Absolutely reccomend.


Absolutely loved my experience. From the in class content that covers everything you need to know to not only just pass your test, but to be a better driver, and eco friendly driver and actually give you good tips on owning a car. The simulation is honestly one of the best components of the course as it really helps with real world scenarios, like a tire blow out, snow, rain, pedestrians who don't wait for the light to change before crossing and more. As for the time in the car, they'll even take you on the 402 to get you acquainted with it, even though it isn't a part of the g2 road test, and they do it just to give you a brief on how to be a better driver on the 402 without any hesitation and help you when you're tested for your full g as they take you on the 402. 10/10 would recommend it to everyone. Absolutely worth it.

-Sherwin Seby

My daughter loved the in class with their simulator and games. In car teacher was great and she passed on first try.
Highly recommend.

-Sue Peters

Fantastic program and great instructors.


Great overall experience!

-Brody Armstrong

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